Our little holiday

All good things come to an end ,as they say, and this ,sadly, includes the silly season.
It is the third of January and I ,unlike many of my fellow bloggers, am back at the bullshit factory.
I do admit that since it is still very early in the year I have very little to do and as such plan to torture you lot with a long blog, or I ‘ll attempt to at best.
Our little holiday started off with a trip to warm baths. So on the 16th of December we packed half a bottlestore and five good friends into Sriffla’s OPC and off we went. We had a good singalong in the car as the chosen sound track ranged from “Snot kop” to ” System of the down” and the fact that I am now forbidden from bursting into song for any reason is irrelavant!
On arrival at Forever resorts the in keeper- being a delicate fellow- immediately assessed various states of psychopathic behaviour and forthwith assigned us to a bungalow as far away from the general population of holiday makers as he possibly could.
Luckily the lone structure had an air conditioner and it didn’t take too long to vacate the warthog from our front door.
With the Warthog perangulating to some other poor buggers front lawn we settled in, and by settling in I mean we moved all the utensil’s out the Kitchen so that there was ample space to house our supplies (definition of supplies: 12 Heineken, 12 Bavaria, 1 bottle current absolute vodka, 1 bottle red wine, 1bottle jack Daniels, 1 bottle spiced gold, 1 bottle stoh rum) and turning the Air con to “ice age”.
The rest of the warmbaths expedition was spent in and around any of the various water activities that makes the resort a popular destination. Stiffla and Juan spent a lot of time racing one another down the speed slides until the life guards chased them away for scaring the children after which he and Dirk purchased children’s floating devices and tried to fool the life guard at the super slides. they failed dismally and sulked over a bear .
All this while my sister and I tried hard to disassociate ourselves from these Hillbillies.
The evenings we laced with many drinking games and hubbly smoke.
And just to prove that what I am saying is no exaggeration I am going to proved photographic evidence to support .
Stiffla and Dirk “Brain wave activity not detected”

I rest my case

Some unknown woman that kept jumping in front of the lens

My little sister “Crystal”

The group

Christmas Day

Now I believe that I have mentioned my families rather disturbing obsession with Christmas, but in case the point didn’t hit home I intend to illustrate the fact.
For Christmas Myself Stiffla and the Grem relocated to a 14acre garden my mother and sister call home, there we were enlisted to help smoke Christmas gammon cook tongue and mix Salmon mouse. There were few objections to this task as the threat of having to mow all 14 acres of ankle high lawn loomed in the back round.

On Christmas morning we did the Gift giving thing under my moms 2meter high Christmas tree. Stiffla got given toys and has as yet not stopped nagging me to play Cricket or chess or darts with him, Boys will be Boys right.

Christmas Lunch was the big event of the day, My family traditionally serves a cold lunch as midday heat in December generally cripples you over a hot meal. So a table was set with cold salads smoked meats Cornish game hen and crackers.

We ate We drank and we were merry.

After lunch people became sluggish beings and either went to sleep or played with their Christmas presents.

Have a look!

The Christmas tree and gifts

This is the hoard at lunch. The two at the head of the table are my mother and her husband. The Couple on the left are my sister and Rudi (Rudi is the flavour of the week who became her steady boyfriend) To the right is Stiffla and the head in the centre is Grem in all him Glory

I had to add this as it is possibly the only nice-ish photo ever taken of Stiffla and I (pardon the sunburn)

Stiffla and Grem playing chess

That’s it then. I hope that all of you had as great a time as I did and that all of you have returned safely to the seats of higher blogging



~ by nosjunkie on January 3, 2007.

17 Responses to “Our little holiday”

  1. Hell … my make me sound lika bad person !!!

    I LOVE IT !!!

    what a freakin december … best ever


  2. Wasn’t me!

  3. Hi Lee! Thanks for visiting my blog! It looks like you had an awesome Christmas. Our family was always “obsessed” with Christmas as well.

    The unknown woman that keeps jumping in front of the lense. She looks familiar. She looks like that woman in the profile photo on your blog!

    A belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Hugs and kisses.

  4. thanks dan I enjoyed your blog and I will definatly be back

  5. Hay there Lee…

    Welcome back to the real world… and back in the hell box…

    Let it be a good blogging year for you.

  6. That sounds awesome…It’s winter here and I’m so jealous!!!
    Thanks for stopping by….

  7. Hi Lee

    Thank -you for visiting my blog. I am still very new at this whole blog thing.

    I really enjoyed your blogs, your write very well!

  8. Hi Lee

    thank -you for visiting my blog. I am still new at this whole blog thing.

    I read some of your blogs, you write very well!

  9. looks like you had a fun-filled xmas.
    spending time with the fam is always good.
    thanks for visitng my blog/

  10. No worries guys I love all your blogs. I will definatly be back.

    This is the start of a beutifull friendshipp
    I think that was cassablanca

  11. Lee, yes that was “Casablanca”! Beautiful friendships rock.

  12. Welcome back! That sounds like a perfect Christmas all around! Happy 2007.

  13. Hi Lee, you have a wonderful site. I am so happy to meet you. Your trip looks and sounded incredible. Hopefully you will have plenty of downtime to blog more.

    All my best. Come by again soon. 🙂


  14. Hey Lee

    Ghee me but I was missing all the bloggers when I was all by my lonesome in the office….seem like you had a blast. Everything good and great for the new year chicky.

  15. Hey hey Drizz, Good to see you babe!
    all is well and good.
    Mised you guys lots too and man am I glad to be back.

  16. Thanks for the entertaining update on your holiday happenings! =)

    Hope your 2007 proves to be wonderful. Take care!

  17. Lol, sounds like you guys had fun as usual. Have a great year hun, cant wait for your new blogs.

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