This weekend whilst looking for a gift for Stiffla I wandered into a dark little shop that smelt of Sandal wood.
It was a warm little place with warm lighting and pretty things and books lining the wall.
At a low table on a cushion sat a blond woman, she was barefoot and smiled when I entered.
as I browsed the shelved I noticed that the woman didn’t breath down my neck as other shop keepers do in this crime torn country of ours. She didnt hound me with sales pitches and was happy to let me wander as long as I pleased.
This little shop sold candles, insence, crystals, pendants and herbs, cards and all sorts of little trinkets that most of society would frown upon.
I started talking to the woman who cals herself dragonfly and after she had explained a few things to me and done my tarrot card reading I made my purchase.
This weekend whilst looking a gift for Stiffla I baught my first tarrot card deck.
The deck is a deck desighned to empower woman and teach them that they are powerfull and important. I think that it is perhaps this view of a womans place in society that drew me to wiccan culture many years ago. They ,unlike the church, dont just talk about gender equality they actully practice it.
I dont claim to be a wiccan (I believe that one must first learn to be at piece with the world and yourslef), and I dont renounce the Lord either, even though my views of my faith differ greatly from that of garden variety Christians, but I do have a few theories, that I intend to elaborate on in the coming weeks.
I also intend to enlighten people on the subject that is very misunderstood.
So here I embark on another journey of discovery enlightenment and perhaps self healing.

~ by nosjunkie on December 12, 2006.

17 Responses to “Discover”

  1. Just to clarify, I do understand the genisis of the tarot deck and also do understand that tarot cards have only recently become a tool used by wiccans. I was only illustrating a point.

  2. cool… Follow you heart wherever it leads you lee… Life is one big journey-enjoy every moment like it was your last… lol.
    cant wait to read more

  3. Lee if you read afrikaans i recomend a book that will shock your socks off and open your eyes… you will never look at all the teachings of the church the same FYNSKRIF written by Etresia Struwig(the things the church doesnt want you to know)*Cathrine*
    Ps i cant comment on any blogs under my own name…

  4. Does that book come out in English – sorry my afrikaans is very bad.???

  5. Thanks Cathrine I will definately have a look at that.

  6. Lee you know I have your back all the way… There’s nothing more calming and peacefull than wicca… There are so much to learn and so much that can be accomplished…

    okay well I’m only into wicca for a while now, But I were into other stuff a few years ago thats alot like wicca just not so peacefull and alot more dark…

    Lee I hate you, You are letting me come out with my small private block that almost none know off…

    Cat I do agree… There are alot of small print, but I will not go into that. As I truesure everybodys believe…

    And ye harm none, do what ye will.
    Blessed be!

  7. I have a good friend that is Wiccan…and her family is from the South (U.S…bible country). She was just telling me that she’s had perfect strangers tell her she’s damned and going to hell and that they will pray for her damned soul. She smiles and tells them, Oh, please do, prayer is good for everyone.

  8. Well, L, you won me over by using “whilst” and “smelt”–two very dignified words.

    I’m also a big fan of other religions–I suppose others would call them “occult.” I subscribe very deeply to astrology.

    Oh, and also, you’ve been tagged. Now give us six weird things about yourself! Mwwwaaaaa haa haaaaaaaaa!

  9. Nobody can comment as easy as before something must be wrong.

    I need to take my deck out again. I don’t even know why I packed it aways so deeply, maybe its because my Ex didn’t really like me reading.
    I believe in spirituality if you keep on defining yourself to be this and to be that you will always be devided. All that matters is in your heart, all you need is what your soul will provide.

  10. @ gremmy…
    after reading up on wicca, i came accross that 1 of rituals you do is “the sex ritual”…. WTF????
    please tell me what this entails.

  11. WOW its like discovering a treasure trove.
    I blindly whent through life thinking that wiccans and those tolerant of it were few and far between and look at this.
    Drizz I apoint you as my veteran in the cards. please correctme when I write something that isnt correct.
    @Val thanks Hun but Im sure that six is not enough

  12. i try my best to read up on something and find out what it is before i comment on anything…
    Only the perfect and pure can pass judgement. and you tell me who in this world is perfect?

  13. previous comment @ claudia friend… oops sorry i didnt state that….

  14. LOL @ Cat. why anything that includes SEX gets your attention…

    I’ll tell mommy on a deferent day when I got some time to expand…

  15. hmmm… i would also like to know. That sounds interesting…. LOL

  16. @gremmy…. didnt you know that a woman reaches her peak at 40.. so any thing sexual is interesting!!

  17. lol

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