In good times

Thursdays are notoriusly borng days, the only alure they hold is the simple fact thats its the day before friday, so after leaving work yesterday I had little hope for the evening that lay ahead, that was until DW and I took a trip to pleasant little shop that is bursting to the brim with affordable alcahol.
DW needed a beer and by now everybody knows it, so we grabbed a 6pack and just as we were retreating my beady little eyes fell upon an item that caused my wallet to do the highland flip.
At the end of the day we left heavily laden with 6 pack Castel and a 2000 vintage portues red wine.
I knew that DW would not partake in the wine and I knew only one other person who had the culture to enjoy this with me. We enlisted the Gremlin and soon we were in a state of serius merriment. Good Itallion pasta great Portuegeus wine and always faithfull South-african beer.
We lite a fire for no reason what so ever and since dinner had come and gone we ended up putting chees and tomatoe sandwitches on the fire just for good measure.
These are my friends.
We understand one another and yet still like one another.
These are my firends and I love them.
When I finally retired to bed I reflected on how blessed I am. My life is filled only with the good people that I want in my life I have friends in so many walks of life and I have finally been able to rid myself of the bad apples of humanity that seem to cling to me like shit to a woolen blanket.
I dont believe that I would be able to exsist in solitude People need people and I am glad I have all of you
Big love to Stiflla and Grem

~ by nosjunkie on December 8, 2006.

9 Responses to “In good times”

  1. Awwww, nice lee! Yeah, its great when you actually stop, and take a moment to be thankfull and appreciative of the things you have in life!

  2. There is nothing better than chilling with the people you love the most… enjoy


  4. okay yours was definitly more fun that my evening! ahhh where was invite, could have done with some wine..

  5. my evening was pretty boring

  6. yeah i know what you mean… sigh

  7. man …. it was fun …

    having a beer in my one hand (which i did not lie to yesterday), my kittie in the other … and then to speak the only language I understand …. TALKING SHIT

  8. Yeah Lee and what a wonderfull wine that was….

    Lee you know this is now two post in a row… You ganna make me soft…

  9. Good wine and food and friends! There’s not much that is better than that!

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