Wrap me up for Christmas

I used to love the night befor Christmas, Mom would be drowning finger biscuts in sherry for the triffel, dad would be tanning some meat on a good black wattel fire, and my blister and I would be singing carols and pestering either one or both of our paerents.
Now I know this sounds like another in a row of nonsensical blogs, but in truth this is a subject close to my heart.
I love Christmas, I go all starry eyed and fuzzy, its the only time in the year when I feel there may be a glimmer of hope for mankind.
And while fate has placed some bitter memories uder my tree I remain a loyal crusader for the spirit of Christmas.
I know that growing up tends to take away some of the magic but there are just some traditions and principals that that I will always be true to.
1) Always decorate a tree. In our household the decorations on our Christmas tree are as old as my sister and I. some may have lost the sparkle and glitter but they are tinny little footprints in my families Christmas story.
2) I Put thought into the gifts I give. Christmas has become verry comercial and you should try to champion that by making the gifts you give a reflection of your feelings for the person your giving it to. one of the greatest aspects of a gift is the fact that someone remembered you
3) I always wrap gifts in papper. dragging a present from a bag or a box will never be as fun as it is to unwrap your gifts. we are all children at heart.
4) I always take the time to write in the cards. Each gift has a card and each card has a message. and each card goes with love.
5) Sing carols. why not. The grem and DW will tell you that I sing Christmas carols all year round when I cook.
6) Where a silly hat
7) Say “Merry Christams”
8) Eat, drink and be merry
9) Spend Christmas with those you love. I have never missed a Christmas with my family. I spent every Christmas of my life with my dad and now that hes gone I spare a thought for every Christams we had together. Forget the trials of the year gone by and make amends.

~ by nosjunkie on December 7, 2006.

32 Responses to “Wrap me up for Christmas”

  1. HO HO HO !!!!!

    nice one ….
    We use to have a christmas jol in my family but then it just faded away.

    Everybody just did tjeir own thing in the house, playing game whiles other watch dvds, creating a non-personal feeling …

    That was until last year… where I had a stunning christmas party with Lee, Grem and co…

    This was the 1st time since … uhmmmm … forever that I had a real christmas. This year is gonna be the same since me and lee are gonna party till we drop at her mother’s place….

    @ LEE: Thx for awakeking that spirit inside me again !!! Love ya

  2. What! wait let me read again….

    Thanks babe. I’m glad you like Christmas now
    I hope grems gonna get his act together and drag his ass along for Christmas you boys are my family too and I need my family with me

    Merry Christmas all

  3. Well we dont even putt the Tv on during christmas time and my parenst play all these corny christmas carol CD’s, its nice. Its a good time just to be together.
    Nice post Lee, and Merry christmas to all.

  4. JA i know… i can b nice once in a while !!!

    Happy X-mas and Merry new year

  5. My mom and dad baught a Bonny-M Christmas carol CD 10 or 50 years ago and Christmas just isn’t the same without bubbelgum Christmas music.

  6. ’tis the season to be jolly. thats one of the reasons i like it most, coz most people stop being such assholes…. ive also had christmas with my family every year of my life, we wait till midnight, then we open the prezzies… also listening to one or the other christmas cd. hope you guys have a great christmas, and get all the prezzies you wanted the whole year, and all your loved ones around you. *mwah*

  7. we do the gift giving on Christmas morning. I think we do it that way around sothat the kids believe santa actually came during the night.
    I loved waking up in the morning knowing that the bare bottom of the tree would be filled with gifts.

  8. Lee i wish i could still feel the same about christmas… but so much changed and i feel that the real meaning of christmas is lost and its just a money racket. so sad but i lost my religion and i do not believe in that anymore. but i wish you a blessed and save feastive season

  9. Christmas…

    Many wonderful family memories! Christmas is the only time of the year that everyone gets along… it should be x-mas all year long…

    hehe, just think 12 bonus’s… hehe

  10. True dat Sunny True dat!
    and I love the bonus idea, but I think if you get it 12 times a year I think its called a salary.
    I dont get a salary the remuniration paid unto me each month is defined as a tip

  11. know what I like most about christmas? Those AWESOME mice pie thingies. oh and the gifts.

  12. oops – sorry. I meant MINCE pies. contrary to popular belief, I do not eat rodents. anymore.

  13. Good to know I was hooked on hamsters myslef.
    I dont like mince pies and I dont eat Christmas cake either.
    its horrid no matter how much rum they put in it

  14. a agree with lee…christmas cake is the worst thing in the world… yuck!

  15. I WANT MY TOYZ !!!

    Hurry up fat man

  16. He’s not kidding “though I do protest at being called the fat man” I baught all his Christmas gifts at a toy stor.

  17. but the fat man with the white beard need to ffwd the time

  18. My gran always used to bake all the grandchildren a “money cake” shed put 2 rand coins in it…and in those days, 2 rand was ALOT… *sigh….good times…..

  19. @ SAM

    my gram did the same thing

  20. I’m sorry I can’t tell u guys stories from “those times” … cause honsetly I don’t have any

  21. My garnd paerants live in the cape and in upington so I almost never spent christmas with them.

  22. my gran died in 1992… its been along time! sigh

  23. Lee your Peanut gallary….

    the description of everybody is beautiful – THANKS!!!!

  24. and very very true

  25. Thanks peanuts.
    I saw it on one of the American blogs I’ve been visiting. so I am not as out of the box as I’d like to believe, but I think its nice if people know how you feel about them

  26. I love Christmas!! Time to eat, drink, be merry, get a bit drunk on wine and sing!!

  27. Why do I feel guilted into sending cards?

    I will not be wearing any silly hats.

  28. My first Christmas with my son’s father’s family… We sat in the livingroom listening to “Grandpa” puking up his hangover in the washroom for twenty minutes before opening presents.. Needless to say it didn’t work out between us..

  29. These are good traditions to keep. I think Christmas is more about remembering each other as spiritual beings.

  30. Lee…
    I caught up on your blog today and…I died when I saw the GTI 16V!! I had an 88 Golf GTI 16V and I loved that car. I still regret having gotten rid of it!! And Boney M!! Most people here are not familiar with them at all!! It was great to hear someone else mention them. Thank you!!

  31. No probs Claudia.
    I am so glad to see another car junkie up in here.

    @mist you should come down here, only corporates send cards out here, if you dont feel like sending cards no one even notices.

    @terrible lie I suppose Christmas isnt always good for everybody. just heard of a guy whos family will be having to burry him this season as the guys who hi-jacked his car set him alight and burnt him beyon recognition.

    @ C Thanks I think Chritmas is the only time that get wraped up in tradition, so I enjoy while I can

  32. mmmmm Yeah even Darf had a funny hat last year… Worst time of my life have been this time last year. But Thanx to Lee and DW and co. It was my best time of my life I ever had.

    Well I’m standing with DW to say there are no story’s to tell as well it have never been something before.

    What I love about christmas the most, well that have to be the food!!!! I’m hungry…

    @ Claudia… Sorry to say thats not a GTI… I also miss my MKII golf, Darn had her for what about 5 years, A lot of work and hours I spended in her. Okay anyway that thee CLI 16V, HART BROKEN….

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