The painted people

I havent posted anything for a while, my absence has not been because I have nothing to say its because I have too much.
My blog is my little bitching outlet, where I reserve the right to rant and rave about politics and society to my hearts content, but lately I have found that my blog has become a bit heavy.
for this reason I have decided that today I will write about something that doesnt matter.
Do you have any?
Did it hurt?
Do you want one?
Or are you of the believe that its a discusting missuse of your body.
I want one, but I’m chicken shit!
Not so much of the pain involved in getting it done but of how permanent it is. I dont want to wake up one day and realise I dont like having “die dissel boom van potchefstroom” scribbled down my arm. Even worse… I dont want to wake up in 30 years and my “disselboom” tattoo has disintergrated to say juts “oom”.
If I had the courage I so despiratly lack the above would be what I would go for.
I’d give myslef wings in a world where society grounds me so.
I have also heard of a new proceedure that assures the tattoo lasts only 5 years.
Perhars I’d do that?
Either way…Let me know what you guys think!


~ by nosjunkie on December 5, 2006.

28 Responses to “The painted people”

  1. I’m alone
    echo… echo…
    Did you know a ducks Quack doesnt echo?

  2. I will recommend a temp tatoo .. those 3-5 year ones …

    I think its totally stupid to get a permanent tatoo … as u get older it will look farkin ugly unless ur an old hot lady like catherine zeta jones

  3. I have butterfly tattoos… when you go for a tattoo, its like a life decision, almost like buying a car, something you have to carry with you for the rest of your life. but it can be removed, but it hurts, and it leaves scars. i think tattoos are nice, but there are some ppl that totally overdo it, and make it look silly.

  4. For DW a tattoo would be a more binding contract than a car.
    he only keeps his cars for 6months.
    I dint imagine you with a tattoo Sam.
    May I enquire as to the location of the butterfly

  5. I actually have 3 Lee, I tried to be spontaneous about where i put them, coz i didnt want to look like all the other chicks that get one on the lower back, or in the front (like low) so the first one i got was at the back of my neck, you can only see it when my hair is tied in ‘n pony, the second one i got was on my foot….thats the one i love the most, and looks the prettiest…the last one is on my wrist, but this one im not so crazy about anymore, and i want it removed, thats how i know about the lazer removal. but its actually juan maries fault i have so many tattoos, coz when shes bored she goes and gets some, but mine look nice, i havent crossed the line……i hope…hehe

  6. I always wanted one, but I know I have addictive personality and I would end up with ten looking like a Richa inkblot test. My amount of piercings have shown my addiction. But end of December I am taking the plunge, still need design, but cant wait….

  7. Die sensasie om n tatoo te kry is vir my vreeslik lekker. Dit is soos aanhoudende pyn wat verdraagsaam is. I love it.
    Maar ek wil ook nie soos n kersfees boom lyk nie. So hou maar by die een wat ek het.
    As dit nie so permanent was nie, sou ek elke naweek gegaan het vir een. Wonderlike sensasie, but that is only me.
    Dit is permanent. En ek het al gehoor dat jou 3-5 jaar tatoos nie altyd verdwyn nie, so maak net seker jy by ordentlike plek met reputasie.

  8. Thats my problem. I cant find a place that does the semi-permanent ones. But even so the libra in me makes me indicisive about where and what I want.

  9. Ek love ook die gevoel van die naald wat so in jou vel ingaan dons, dis vir die eerste 10 sekondes flippen seer, maar dan raak dit lekker……im a

  10. I don’t have an issue with people who have tats, it is a personal decision afterall – it would be like me having an issue with people who dye their hair.

    If it looks good or not, that’s a totally different question. I think the permanance of a tat has put me off the idea. I’m generally a creative person, and the idea of having a static image with me for the rest of my life, when my taste and appreciation of art will change, will stop me getting one.

    Imagine if you had to wear the clothes that were trendy in the 80s for the rest of your life.

    I will agree, the right tat on a good looking woman can enhance her beauty (or maybe it’s just a subconcious ‘bad girl’/’experimental in bed girl’ image) – but I dont know of any 60 year old (+)folk who look good with a tat.

    A tat on old folks reminds me of fisherman or ladies of the night ;).

    Bring on the Henna tattoo’s 😉

    My 2.5c worth.

  11. you make a good point there.
    in that case my answer would be that you tat should not be trendy but rather a mark or symbol that you holds dear it must have meaning to you.

  12. Hey,

    I have a tat… Its a little gecko… It wasnt painful but then again i got painkillers… never regretted it…

  13. I’m not too keen on the pain myself

  14. i am going to tatoo my upper and lower eyelids (permanet makeup) on the 18th and now you people make me scared!! ag nee …

    sam and donsie… how can you love the pain???

  15. Luckily the pain is not a permanent part… it does go away. If you really want it go for it.

  16. Uhm…according to Mythbusters…a duck’s quack does echo.

    I have 1 tattoo…did not feel a thing. But I’m a masochist, so pain is welcome and my threshold is close to a woman’s. There’s a lot I want to get, but today’s society is a bit

    No trust me, if I live my full personality, they would lock me up with another president and throw away the key. Bi bi Marra!

  17. I am going now I am taking a duck to the grant canyon to make the bugger quack!

  18. @ Lee

  19. Finally I’m understood!

  20. @ cat, the sensation it gives, its a tingling feeling….the eyes are a bit bad, coz that piece of skin is very sensitive, and apparantly they put cream over your eyes while they do it, and it burns. one of my moms friends had it done, but hey, it beats putting make up on every single morning, so a few minutes of pain would be worth it.

  21. grrr chicken shit again
    hey sam you scared my duck away with that stuff

  22. LOL

    Dont Worry Lee, thats why i got pain killers before I went… The whole area was numb before they touched me…

  23. makes me feel a bit better. But I think Il end up adicted to the numbing pain killers and not the pain at the end of the day

  24. Hey Nos!
    It’s hard when our outlets for lightness of being become heavy, no?

    I don’t have any tattoos, mostly because I’ve seen a lot of bad ones.

    In fact, I had a friend, not a very smart friend, who tattooed “Phish” on his arm (the name of a band if you’re not familiar), and then they broke up. Bummer.

  25. nmmmm Tatoo’s….

    I want one, I realy do, But I know that I love pain… I love the feeling of a broken bone, I love the pain I have some day’s in my neck when I layed it down in a bad way (as it was broken once). I love when I accedently get cut, I love it when I get hurt and tortuered…. Yeah I’m a complete freak…

    I just love pain… except those of burnt and emotional pain that I hate.

    Okay back to the topic, I want to get a tatoo, but as I know myself it will not stop at one or ten or twenty. I will even go as far as a tatoo ofer a tatoo.

    Thats the reason I have none, I’ll leave it till I just have to have one and then I’ll go for my new addictoin…

  26. myth buster???
    lowwer back tats were origanally worn by ladies of the night and have the nick name “tramp stamp”…
    i wonder???

    i’m commitment phobic, tattoos… huge commitment.

  27. hi Lee…
    thanks for stopping by! I feel the same about you as tattoos..I’m scared to get one…I can’t imagine something so permanent on me. And where to get it? Will it sag with the years? What if I change my mind? I don’t want to get something and later change my mind and have to pay to get it removed.
    I’ll have to catch up on your blog and do some serious reading.

  28. Hey there Val and Claudia Good to see you here.
    I think I have decided against the tatto thing for this week. I will probably rethink stuff soon but thats just me.

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