I’m For Children

She had been raped and then beaten to death, she was only a child of six and her body was found mutilated and face down in the muddy mes of her own blood.
Another raped sodomised beaten and then set alight to burn to death.
Their jeans around their ankles, mutilated little bodies in the sand.
These are the children of our kin.
I heard this story last night on the news… Entitled the forest of evil, it tells of a bushy piece of land in the western cape that gives cover to the twisted demented scum of society to commit these atrocities against our children.
The fact that it has taken this long for the government to finally “CONSIDER” clearing this state owned piece of land was, for me, overshadowed by the fact that there are actually people capable of doing these things.
How does a father harden himself so much that he is capable of raping his own 8week old daughter.

Can you for a moment imagine being the mother who has to bear witness as they put the little broken burnt body of your baby onto that stretcher. How do you live knowing that your little girls last moments alive were black with confusion and excruciating pain. How do you accept that the person who had a mind twisted enough to grab at her long blond pig tails and intrude so sickly on the purity of her little body, is walking free.
I know we don’t like to imagine these things because their unpleasant, I know its depressing and upsetting, but its nothing compared to the pain that mother carries around with her…..So imagine it!
And then tell me why these rapist, sodomist, child abusers , murderer and text book sickos don’t deserve the death sentence.
For the self righteous out there who are gonna quote the bible or tell me that it is not up to man to judge:
I could tell you that the bible also says “spare the rod and spoil the child”and another few holly little extracts that counter your argument, but I prefer the more real world approach.
It has been psychologically proven that if you confine a murderous mind in five years you will have a serial killer on your hands.
Jailing them will not help us it only perpetuates and fuels the problem.
And the saddest thing about it is that the division of the police force that deals with violence against children is most likely going to be closed because the government doesn’t have enough money to keep it open. and yet they spent millions on changing the name of the Johannesburg international airport.

I am for children !
And something MUST be done

~ by nosjunkie on November 30, 2006.

15 Responses to “I’m For Children”

  1. Those twisted small minds of those cruetures deserve to rot in hell, the deserve to get tortured and they do deserve to die for their crime…

    I’m sorry SA has one of the worst crime rates. Why because of the law… Facts in our wonderfull law system. You muder someone, you get 20jears but bail in 6months. Rape you get 15years but bail in 3months. Hi-jack, Armed robbery and theft you get a trail and if lucky get locked up for 3years. You kill some one in the act to save yours as self defence 25years excl. bail. You hurt some one in self defence 10years excl. bail. report a suspect 5 years in jail, 2 years bail. Now what a wonderfull law we have. Oh yeah and just don’t be white with a black in cluded… Your dead then.

    I say bring back the death penalty.
    Cut off the mans hand for theft. His privates for rape and and and…

    I’m sory. I believe in taking the law in my own hands. F*$# the cops and all their bull, They are worth noting… Have a true storry to prove that. They’ll rather sleep and drink their coffy before rescue a live.

    “I’m For Children” F*$# the law…

    Blessed Be!

  2. Wow Lee, deep piece. You wrote this beautifully, I got really sad when I read it….. thats the problem, all the people just get sad when they hear about this, its time that we get angry, and start doing something… Our Beautiful land has become SICK and DISGUSTING. about two weeks ago one of my colleagues showed me a piece in the paper, of somebody who had raped a six week old puppy, wtf!?!? I also say death penalty should be brought back.. but who are we?? A big bunch of nobodies in a highly corrupted society!!

  3. What bakes my potatoe is the fact that we have this 16 days of activism movement going on but bugger all has been done.
    I’ve seen one or two ministers falshing smiles and kissing babies but no action.
    so I pose the question to you guys
    What can we do?
    I am not giving them any cash because I have no faith in the governments cash distrubution policies, so what can we do

  4. There is nothing we can do unless we r a huge group of ppl ….

    I also agree that the death penalty should be brought back …

    The best part is that there isn’t enough space in jail so they let some scary ass ppl go !!

  5. There is no pain worst than being raped,and a child must never feel that!!!!!! If you do not have respect for an other’s life you do not deserve to have your own life. Where was the respect for human life when that person committed this unthinkable act, human rights says all have the right to life. If you are a monster you have given your right away.
    What needs to be done???
    We need to remove these evils from our society, if it is a renegade killing patrol, so be it!!!

  6. well put Drizz

  7. Thanks Lee

  8. Ek stem saam met ALLES wat jy geskryf het. Kon dit nie beter gestel het nie!

  9. Ekt gedink jy sal saam stem donsie
    jy sien dit mos uit ‘n ander perspektief as ons

  10. LEEEEEEEEE…. Waars blood rose se link????????

  11. hy werk nie mee nie sal wee try link

  12. I must admit lee, great piece, but I have to say this, the one or two you hear on tv is a drop in the ocean. I hear about this everyday…The tik abusers firing up their parents homes, uncles setting a light his niece coz she refuse him sexual favours…We live in a sick world…
    And believe me it continues. In my work area there are 87 drug houses.

    God help us all…

  13. I get what your saying, there was another piece on the news yesterday about the tik abuse and how users and runners are becoming younger and younger and what about that Mandrax move that Jacki selebe knew about and yet ignored.
    Yesterday I receievd an e-mailasking for prairs for a prematurely born baby that was buried alive and was found 48 hours latter only barely alive.
    The list goes on and on……

  14. HAHA Lee jy het niet n (dot)com gemis

  15. HUH?

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