The games of our lives

The girl next to me hasn’t stopped talking since 8am this morning and though I have learnt how to make the right noises of agrees, the ongoing drone of her voice still makes me want to climb the Walls… the one right ahead of me is screaming at her mother on the other side of a phone call…I don’t blame my office manager who escaped to an empty office… he now only communicates with us via e-mails and messenger pigeon… The rest of the office is preoccupied with figuring out what the one click said about the other and it’s a never ending soap opera as a bunch of people pretend to be one another best friends whiles in truth they boarder homicidal thoughts towards one another…in another of my social circles, a primal war rages between the lady at court and the hopeless lover….Naturally the whole kingdom has made it their business and revel in the mud slinging…

I suppose its part of the human condition, these tactical webs of deceit we wrap one another in… Its a form of survival….Its not because we dislike confrontation, oh no we thrive on it (if we didn’t a certain blog wouldn’t be running on 23 comments) its because we are race of hunters and gatherers…. We are a product of a great evolutionary plan…. Its always been a game of eat or get eaten, the rules have just been changed by social doctrines and modern laws… In this day and age the Lion does sleep with the Lamb but only because the lion is saving the lamb for the dry years and the lamb is sucking on the power teet of his mighty friend… I don’t tell the girl next to me that I have fantasized of stapling her bottom lip to the desk because it’s bad for office dynamics… The girls on the smoke break outside hate one another but dare not reveal because they need one another to create a feeling of comradery from which they can share their cutting gossip…My sister hasn’t gotten rid of the poor sods that pine over her yet, not because she values their friendship (because if she did she would have cleared their rose coloured glasses ages ago) but because she knows that the looser she has leashed now wont make the cut and she may need a little black book full of available and willing… I tolerate a whole bunch of people because I have weighed up the pros and cons of keeping them around and the pros outweigh the cons… I am under no illusion that the afore mentioned people keep me around for my sparkling personality, but I do have a point…

We do this we play these games because we are socially programmed to survive (social survival is also survival)… So you may agree or disagree with me on this point but at the end it may prove irrelevant because when faced with the question you answer my be a calculated piece of socially engineering.


~ by nosjunkie on November 22, 2006.

10 Responses to “The games of our lives”

  1. The Game of Live….

    Some you win some you lose…

    Have so much to say but yet no words… Sorry…

  2. Sorry did was ek… hehe

  3. Ek weet thanks
    dis in tipical Grem styl geskryf

  4. Well, we all do what we feel is right. You made allot of relevant points, but today I am a bit drained to elaborate. I just made a decision long ago that I will not pretend to like someone if I don’t. Not to say I am rude to them in anyway, I just do not associate myself with them, talk to them or entertain their pesky skinder stories. I am not interested, if you want to talk bad about others take you business elsewhere. My best friend always says to me; “be nice”…hihihih…she keeps me level. We all need to do what we need to do, nothing wrong with that. You always make great points, very very lekker!!!

  5. Thanks Driz

  6. I’ll listen what their talking about just to keep updated with the office affairs, but I wont ever say anything about anyone, coz i have learned from them… one day the chick you smoke with is your best friend, the next day shes telling your enemy all the shit you said about her the day before… nuh-uh, not for me.

  7. My point exacaly.
    I just find it handy to be aware of the fickel nature of man kind sothat you can use it to your advantage

  8. meng jou met die semels en die varke eet jou op… ouma se dit altyd…hihihih

  9. dis in tipical Grem styl geskryf

    Uhmmm Verduidelik please… Me confuzed.

    aaahhhh Ek love my Pink Floyed….

  10. HUH

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