Our illusions

I recently had the displeasure of having a discussion with a guy who was so convinced of his own superiority that he was convinced that the people he was feeding his load of unadulterated bullshit to must be in a vegetative state.
This unfortunate Tool was so caught up in the webs of his ego that he completely forgot to take into account the fact that others may actually have the ability to form their own opinion.
I realise that we tend to create our own little illusions that keep us safe from the scary world.
They are almost the same as a comfort zone.
But the problem is that the walls that we build out of our illusions aren’t transparent.
The guy whom I am using to illustrate this point doesn’t have a job and lives with his parents who take care of him, but he was so convinced that he was “the man” that he was confident enough to take a seat among a group of serious car addicts and proceed to boast about a 1000hp corvette (this can swallow) he was going well up until he explained that the Vett was “electronically tuned”. At this we ripped him apart.
This guys illusion is that he is so intelligent and so well respected in society that we wouldn’t dare question his word.
I used to be eluded by the believe that everything would be okay if you just believe it. Now however I believe that everything will be alright if you believe enough in yourself to make it happen.
I have also seen whole groups within society build these illusions. People believe that if you are not one of us, if you don’t believe what we believe or if you don’t look like us, your doomed.
Their illusions are so strong they refuse to make an educated assessment about those who don’t conform to the pre conceived norms of their culture, religion, or colour. They rather judge and condemn.
Do you have illusions, think about it.
Personal illusions stop you from learning better and at the end of the day you are bound to make a fool of yourself.
Illusions in society are the root of prejudice and often end in war.
I ask today that each and every one of us asses our lives and find our illusions then work towards breaking down the walls


~ by nosjunkie on November 20, 2006.

18 Responses to “Our illusions”

  1. The guys seems like an annoying prick. I’d love to B!@tch clap every single person like that… oh.. wouldnt that be grand….lol

  2. You would be amazed at how many illusionist and contortionist are in our money driven society of today. It’s super funny how they think they know it all, or boast how they can “manipulate” people, or preach to someone because their believe is different, and yet when calmly correct them with brute honesty they fade?

    Then there is the mother hen that drives the simple lot to impure perfection. Got to love it!! I feel sad for the oke. It could’ve been prevented. I’m NO expert, not at all, but any person that wants to boast about a corvette, is a sucker for punishment. Tell him to get his head out of the USA’s ass.


  3. The thing is with these type of individuals is that they are trying to protect themselves by making up over blown ideas about themselves. Maybe it is their way of trying to fit into a world where no-one really fits in. There is in life all types off individuals, without all colours we would have nothing to think about, nothing to talk about. We all have too do what is good for ourselves, because if we don’t take care of ourselves who will? Do not be too harsh on the poor sot, he might have nothing and the only way he can find substance is to make it up, under no means I say it is right, but to be alone in the world with nothing on your name! What do you do?

  4. I cant agree there.
    I think that unless people such as these get out of their protective little cocoons they will never grow and become better.
    As long as they are convinced they ar great they will never see the things that can be changed for the better.
    its a great excuse not to get off your butt and work hard

  5. Ofcourse Lee, but remember not everybody is as strong as you and not everybody fights as well. We all create our own realty surrounding life. We always need to show empathy to all. Like I said I don’t agree with what he is doing, but we cannot judge him for what he is ignorant to.
    Gosh I think like a psychologist already..need to finish my studies…hihih…I might actually be good at helping ppl…hihihih

  6. I get your point too
    and your right
    I just battel to allow people to be “slap gatte”

  7. Okay Well… Lets see… You don’t go to a Car junkie party and make if you know every thing about cars…
    You dont go to the military and make if you know every thing about war…

    Your bount to get nailed to the tree, no matter what you try…

    Something in life that bothers me, is the fact that you are raised one way and thats just the way it sould be. Okay fine you were told that blue are blue… Can I change your mind on that?? Lets say Red is blue for me?? What does that make me??

    Can you be open minded and accept that red is blue for me?? Will you see me as something els?? How do you know that your right and I’m wrong? How can you say That it just is, If you dont really know?? How can you judge some one just because thay don’t believe what you do?? You just believe that blue is blue because you were learned that it is…

    Please open your minds for things other than your learned…

  8. Grem nobodies blue is anyway the same. That was medically proven…..o excuse me I a making as if I know something again.
    And my learned mind like you stated it, is as open as a spreadsheet in the middle of a porn magazine.
    So before you ask the questions, see what you wrote in your first two paragraphs….How open is your mind????
    I am always the one who’s stood up for you, so my truth may now be shit, but I always tried my best to help you!! I know you spoke in general, but I read between the line’s.

  9. Lee: I am sorry I used your blog to state this to Grem.

  10. I feel so used!
    Nah just kidding
    I get it now, you can use my blog to make apoint any day

  11. hahaha @ drizel….wow…..porn magazine…..thats OPEN hun!

  12. Dankie Leekie…..whahahaha@ Sam, kan nie aan iets ooper dink nie….hihihih….

  13. Drizzy I have not even thought of you on my comment… Between the lines?? Don’t create lines that does not excist. My mind is open for many and everything, But that does not state that I have to believe and do what I took in. I listen and I keep it in there and when the day come I think and say to my self, She told me that… So I Spaer you sometime as you do not have to say that…

    Th lines… I have seen something in Lee’s post that proberly none has picked up, That’s the only reason my comment are like it is.

  14. Fine Grem, If what you said was misunderstood, I say sorry.
    But gosh I was the only one who was refering to studies. But enough said. All is good in love and War;-)

  15. Damn peeps I hope you know what your on about coz I m lost

  16. don’t worry Lee, my brain left the building long ago too….hihihihih

  17. He tends to do that to people doesnt he
    Good old Gremmie
    Bull shit baffels brains

  18. I’m not lost

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