The Journey Begins

This morning I was going though the pics that I speradically download for my blog and I realised that most of them have a dark and morbid ambiance, I also realised that most of them have been downloaded from Goth web sites.
I admit now what I used to only admit to myself “I believe that sometimes the extreme lows of human emotion is where we find that we are truly alive”
there is an unpretentious beauty about goth art that is not socially accepted because it is so true.
However anybody who knows me will tell you that I very unsympathetic towards these black robed members of society. I place a lot of emphasis on being happy and unmoved by the knocks life hands you. My motto is simply “get over it” and I am proud of being able to maintain my merry outlook on life.
Perhaps the reason for my negative attitude towards Goths is because they embody what I most fear “accepting the pain and letting it be part of you.
I fear that the pain of loss and disappointment that has been very present my short life may be more than I have strength to handle.
Goths however believe that it is better to embrace the pain the fear and the darkness we all posses so that it becomes a part of you.
I am an open minded person and recently commented on the Grems blog that it has become trendy to be depressed and I stand by my point but I intend to find out more about this subculture of depression and voice the other side of the story
Thus begins my journey of discovery into the Goth world

~ by nosjunkie on November 15, 2006.

10 Responses to “The Journey Begins”

  1. You should speak to Drizzy… I think she also likes that type of stuff, and she could tell you alot about goth….

  2. I think I should do that.
    I need to clarify though that I am not interasted in becominga goth, I just want to know what there all about
    call it human interast

  3. Hello lee, welcome to the dark side. It’s fun and jolly, sometimes unholy, but scared you should not be…There is Grem, Drizzy and me.

    HAHAHAHAHAHA…I like your pic. Denial is a reever in Egypt…I’m crazy about an ad that said :
    “Pain is nothing, compared to what it feels like when you give in…”
    I’m proud of your straightness, like your adventurous soul and crazy about your nosy, good thing here, attitude.

    I hope you find/see what you need from the culture. Please report on that!!!!!

    Viva la Goth!

  4. Goth is not really depressing, it got occult status(hit mainstream as we call it) when there was a movement, that was before punk….Thus punk is goths baby. And the kids today is more punk than goth…and the depressing acts is because parents don’t listen the world is open and evil gets them alone. It was actually from ancient Gothic times(but that is a long story). But it is fine if you want to speak to me Lee. And the fact that you have the Internet..the world is your oyster. We always deny and fear what we don’t understand…..

  5. I hope I will
    But I am interested to know
    Do you dress all goth or do you just stay true to the life style

  6. I did dress like that, but I did change my wardrobe allot in the last few months….That was something I had to do. Now I am just a goth at heart and I just know what I know. There is so many origins and stories and myths that one must just be true to what you feel will be relevant to yourself.

  7. This is all killer interasting
    How do you know your a goth?

  8. I think Like everything in life you know you are different, you get your costume goth that dress to shock. Your true goth that does everything that would be considered ‘goth’. I am sure there is many more, I am goth at heart a term I have made up myself I think…hihih…but I dress in goth when we go to our clubs. It suites me, its is what makes me, me. In life we are all put into little boxes, no matter how much we hate it. I think it would work like religion, you get to hear about it, it fascinates you, you go search for places that you are in the presence off ppl that believe in that. And then finally you consider yourself as part of that religion!! That’s how everybody becomes who and what they are.

  9. HAHAHA Marra…. No Comment….

    What are giving you the idee that I’m Goth?? I won’t really classify me in that department… Yes I love my darkness… And…. Well, I cant really say anthing… I just know there’s a lot of ppl who would not love were I fit… So I’ll rather not say anything but, hay I’m not goth..

  10. Well Grem…The first paragraph is a tribute to darkness…I didn’t see any word consisting of a g, o…t…or h????

    Noth…youth arth noth goth, goth isth allth mighthy…And yourth noth himth….

    Got to love the humor!!!

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