Our weekend

Friday night
On Sammy’s good advice I flat ironed my (thanx Sam) my sister also took the soap box and I did my makeup with running commentary from my sister. However Murphy would not let me off the hook that easy and when I put the iron to DW brand new black shirt (bought specially for the occasion) it burnt a hole as big as “Kimberly se holl” in it. It now looks like the base of my iron has been rubberised.
DW ended up wearing another shirt with little grace and we then tracked into the deep dark reaches to find the function.

We arrived and I commented on the decoration.
That’s nice” I said. To which DW answered “Yes; can we go home now”
The speeches were long but the dinner made up for it and when DW dished half a ton of beef roil I was sure the man had over estimated my willingness to take food home in my handbag
We danced a little longer and then left before one of my colleagues was able to commission us to help him cripple the bar
Saturday (Wesbank)
Each year about this time the VW club hosts a Jamboree day for charity and DW has a different car there each year.
Last year he took his brand new little Ford Fiesta ST to proof why Ford doesn’t have a contender in the F1 grid.
After 48 laps around the track the little ST registered its protest by spitting its clutch out.
This year however the VW club saw DW coming and made sure that only 4 laps at a time were allowed.
So off we went to find out just what the OPC is made of.
She is a beauty around the circuit and listening to the turbo wind up on the straights and the wheels grip the corners in the shikains was enough to make my heart go pitter patter.
The car and DW did wel and by the time we left the OPC was a worthy contender for the Glof 5 GTI’s and was running about third over all at 132sec
I will give you updates on the score board latter
Saturday Night
Come for a drink at my place Juan said to us on Saturday, However when we agreed we had now idee that we would end up going to bed at two in the morning.
We played pool and kings and 5s and ching chong cha and all of this to the hydraulic support of KWV brandy.
We finally retired after DW got the last king in both games and we finished the wobbly bottle of home made brandy in a game of fives
Well after the shenanigans of the night before Sunday was dedicated to rehab and re-cooperation. If you look hard enough at people in the pics you can actually see the hangover pounding away at them.
We had a braai and again I ended Up doing the Braaing and then I burnt the pudding.
all in all it was a good afternoon and by the time the rain started we were watching a doci film on a bunch of idiots who surfed the Amazon river
I hope all of you had as much fun as we did.
And Thanks again to Sam

~ by nosjunkie on November 13, 2006.

7 Responses to “Our weekend”

  1. Wow!!!!! you looked beautiful hun! that dress looks like it was made for you!!! Really nice!

  2. Thanks Sam

  3. HAHA what a weekend…

    I’m glad I was gone by the time of the second King’s… DW always ends up with the king drinks… for some unknow reason…

  4. I am glad we ended up sleeping there
    the coppers would have had a field day

  5. ai ai ai ….

    lee and grem

    die 2 grootste suiplappe wat ekke ken …

  6. Whahaha

  7. hey ons het daar geslaap oor jy te slaughtered was om jou kar huis toe te ry

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