Dressed to Kill

If you ask anybody they will tel you that I am a bit of a tom boy (damn I hate to discribe myslef that way)….. Lets put it this way, I am not that hung up on the hair and makeup thing as other girls are….. I suppose thats because nobody ever took the time to teach me these finner details of life……. Dont get me wrong, I like looking good I just dont have the required skills to look my best.
For example; I was 20 years old when I bought my first hair drayer thing, The grem sat behind me frouning as I tried to work the damn thing, and then finally threw his hand in the air and said “your doing it wrong let me help you”…… As far as make up is concerned I try to avoid it…… I own a eye liner that I use sparingly because I tend to rub my eyes and plaster it all over my face. I almost never wear lipstick because it tasts like wax, I have a good skin so I dont see the point of foundation and I’ve never had a manicure in my life.
This is not all that bad for everyday life but Tomorrow I have to attend a formal year end function with a bunch of attornies and I dont know what to do..
First off the hair is a disaster because I threw my curling brush at DW and broke it (not a fight but one of our ritual wrestling matches…. that still doesnt sound right) and I have a very thick bush of black hair (that was purpel at some stage due to a colouring accedent) and my hair dryer thingy over heats every two minutes……. I have to do my own make up and put myself into a dress and do all this in half an hour.
Needless to say I need Help…………………

~ by nosjunkie on November 9, 2006.

14 Responses to “Dressed to Kill”

  1. I’m a firm believer that all are born naked, so walk in your birthday suite. But I guess it’s only coz I want to dish out nightmares to the people around me…Hahaha

    AND IT WORKS! You must be a tom boy…”hung up on something”…That was funny.Grem showing you the inner workings of a hairdryer? Interesting…

    As a slave to insomnia, I sometimes need something to cover dark blotches under my eyes. I’m under chronic suspicion at work for using and abusing the good green shit. If I had the money?, stand back or get wet babe…But alas, the night owl in me is responsible for needing some manly cosmetics…if there’s such a thing.

  2. Okay wait Lee…

    tom boy? you got it wrong there, your not a tom boy your just not a Girl… yeah yeah you got the tools, wel I think… but still not a girl.

    Uhmmmm Marra its not like that… You ever seen a dumb stupid ape treing to make sence with a pool noodle?? Wel thats lee with a hairdryer….

  3. Oh yeah I’ll see jou then Lee, I’ll be sitting behind you and….

  4. heheheh
    yes I do have the tools
    maybe I should cal sam for some girl lessons

  5. Ok Grem, you comparison of a pool noodle? with lee and a hairdryer is freaky…And then a “I got the tools” answer…You guys are funny! Got to love it!!!

    But that’s just me. I gets your drifts, just being Marra.

  6. Well Marra if you saw Lee the day she bought her new toy (Hairdryer) you would under stand… I spend a good hour or two just crakking my self on her bed while she treid to find out how the thing works…

  7. and I still don’t get it.
    But thats nothing my friend.
    Grem Myself and his brother tried to dy my hair dark brown.
    somewhere in the process somebody says “it it supposed to look so purple”
    grem was no help because he was killing himself laughing.
    My hair came out purple and then as the colour started to wear of when a twisted pink coloour and Grewm and DW just giggled about it while I looked like an easter egg

  8. PWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…please tell me that your hair was purple with pink spots…PLEASE!

    *huff….puff and general shortage of breath*
    Goodness me…I feel dizzy…
    *deep breath 1….deep breath 2…*

    *Why is it dark?? And who the hell is going through my pockets while I’m helpless?*

  9. Whahaha Yeah Lee I didn’t really help you to dy your hair as I was the whole time helpless on the floor…

    Oh the good memory’s…

  10. No I have escaped my purpel hair and gone back to my original dark an lifeless colour.
    watch the creep in the dark

  11. LEE !!!!

    u are bloody hopeless ….

  12. I fully agree

  13. hahahahahahaahahahaha……

  14. Wow Lee…you are busy…no activity for few days now. Good luck!

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