Skies of Fire and wet braai wood

Okay I realise that its Wednesday already and I’m a bit late of the mark but hey I’ve been busy, and last night when I couldnt sleep because there was a McLaren SLR haunting me I remembered that we took some nice pics this weekend.
These sun set shots were taken on Friday night whilst we were batteling to breath life into our hopeless braai fire the sky set alight. DW took the one on the left from our front door and I took the pink one from our back door. Heavan offered up her full palet for us that night and I though you’d like to share in this. Wel a bit latter we got the fire going after we had to go to Kempton for wood.

We got into the swing of things and had a few drinks. I tried my hardesy, but despite my greatest efforts to keep my face off any pics, The Grem caught me and and got me and my G-string plashed straight into our photo album. DW was behind the camara so he is not completely blameless. You can see the partners in crime here donning there usual gracefull salute. So after that we set about the very serius job of tanning a few T-bones, which I had to do because neither of these big bad boys can braai to save their lives, we had a few more drinks and then a few more . Now since I had been the victom of slavery all day long I hit the sac at ten and and when the cat’s away the mice will play, I next opened my eyes to a chorus of coughing and weezy chests. This I found was the after marth of a game. It was the most rediculus game I had ever heard of and all I could do was voice my concern as my friends, that now included Juan, inhaled seven ton’s of cherry tabaco smoke. I dont care to elaborate….. the last pic in this montage shows the following morning (grem spent the rest of saturday surgically attached to his phone)


~ by nosjunkie on November 8, 2006.

12 Responses to “Skies of Fire and wet braai wood”

  1. Hahahahahahaha…you have expensive taste in nightmares. But the SLR ROCKS!! Funny how the woman take the pink photo? On purpose or by fate?

    Hahahahahaha…Hey grem, smoke that shit…hahahahaha…Is that a hubbly on the photo? And Where’s the green tabaco?

  2. HAHAHAHA Marra… mmmmm I knew we were missing something in the hubly. LOL. Hubby, well that would be my partner in crime….

    Yeah lee… what a great weekend and what great wood you can find in kempton, thanx for muffin man for showing me that vidoe shop for any thing that you want or need…

  3. Hmmm…Video shop with ANYTHING you want or need? Do they sell millions?
    I need millions to get everyone I love presents they deserve.

    Hubbly rules!!!!! Especially one with Vodka or Whiskey…and then the green stuff. Oooh I miss my days in stellenbosch. Challenging the students with drinks and smoke…Trying to out-smoke a mamma’s boy 18 year old student with “out-of-the-house finally” enthusiasm. Jeepers those boys can drink…and don’t forget the woman too……

  4. Yeah do do sell millions, the only prob is they ask a million for a million 😦 And yeah really do have anything… Well in the manner of to have a good night….

  5. so thats where my vibrator came from

  6. Vibrator,….whahahaha…..can you smoke that shit too?
    whahahahahahaha…just kidding…I love hubbbaly bubbaly…..maar parratjie ek voel altyd so jiiiky if we put tha booze at the bottom why for? O ja should come and drink with me and my best friend, when she starts doing funny moves with her leg and I think I’m Shakira that’s when the party gets started….hihih…ahhh FUN FUN FUN

  7. Damn Grem
    Go grab DW were parying with these guys from now on!!!!

  8. hahahahahahahah @ drizzy!

  9. Hay that Vibrator took me the embarsment of entering 5 sex shops, dont come and make that cheap now…

  10. fark….you should see in London they have like sex shops that is two stories high/3 even…I was like ooh…oooh…oooh….and then my friend said im not allowed to go with them again if I cannot contain my happyness…but fark….that was cool….ok way of the topic…moving on!!

  11. Who the hell is that dronkgat sitting in the blue campmaster in the last pic…

    Looks like he had a wonderful time …

    He rocks though …



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