Rosses Grow in Ashes

In the 1940 war had torn the peoples of the world apart.

Hitler was raging a cruel assault on man kind and it seemed that darkness and dispare would be The only future left open for so many.

Yet roses grow from ashes and it was during this time of hardship and fanine that a father truly appreciated his gifts for the first time.

He had scowled his daughter the day before Christmas for she had been wasteful with the last sheet of tissue paper. During a time of war money is tight and everything must be used sparingly.

But children are forgiving creatures and on Christmas morning she proudly presented her father with the box that she had caring wrapped in that tissue paper.

Alas when the father opened the box and found it empty his anger grew again.
To him it was adding insult to injury and he lashed out at the little girl.
“don’t you know that when you give someone a gift you must put something in the box”
The little girls eyes welled up with tears as she explained that the box wasn’t empty.
“I blew kisses into the box daddy” she whimpered
“I gave you kisses for Christmas daddy because I love you”

At that the father took the child in his arms and apologised for he was a fool.

Sadly fate often has a cruel way of making a point.
And the little girl died just days latter.
It is said that the father kept the careingly wrapped box of kisses by his bed and drew strength From it in the hard times that lay ahead.
May this stay with you during this festive season.
May you remember the important gifts you’ve been given.
Remember your box of kisses.
The kind words and smiles the encouragement you’ve received from those around you.
Be grateful for these small but all important gifts.

~ by nosjunkie on November 7, 2006.

9 Responses to “Rosses Grow in Ashes”

  1. WOW !!!!

    That was ………….. SAD … if i may say so …

    Very very cool msg coming through though

  2. Hey why are you so deep all of ‘n skielik!
    wheres Grem


  4. wow………..baie baie baie nice.. hartseer….maar nice.

  5. Why where’s Grem??

    Thats life… Life has its own litle suprises that you cant encounter but just have to live with it. You will never know what will hapen so make the best with what you have… remember all the good and forget the bad as the good is a memory you will always have with you… My last Cristmass wheren’t about the gifts but the way it was given and the persons who gave it to me… Darn you Garls really done some effort in those gifts and thats the reason why it will always be one Christmass I will never forget… Darn you gave Christmass a mean in my life again… before that it was just another day in my boring life…

    Its all about the meaning and not what you get…. Well just all the love from my friends are enouth for me…

  6. You see thats why I like having grem around
    he posts more than I write in my blog
    it makes me look very interasting.
    But agreed Grem
    Lats Christmas was a blast and a memorable blast. and this year Will be no different.

  7. Whahahahaha Can’t help Lee….

    Lets hope it is, Maybe if I’m very very very lucky I’ll get a Christmas gift that will make my life… hehe

  8. hey!
    Bou ‘n brug my maat
    Voor jy jou asem op hou Organise ek my sussie vi jou

  9. WHAHAHAHAHA Please safe me from all the terror… Come on Lee me and your Crystal… mmmmmm You do you think will last the longest?? my bets on Crystal… And where did you get to that now?

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