I have nothing to say!…so if this blog turns out to be a disaster, I have already explained myself………Not wanting to be left out among the more dedicated bloggers I intend to make something of this dead los situation and write something of some substance……….. Of late our little community of bloggers and co. have put a lot of focus on friends and the meaning of friendship. Perhaps its just because Sam was right in saying that this is the time of year of good will, or perhaps its because the defining lines have been blurred a bit……….The grem and I discussed this at length last night and I want your opinion…………….I have many friends and I define friends as the people who’s company I enjoy rather than the people who know my inners most thoughts. I care for my friends and I will help them out to the best of my ability if they need it. …………Friendship isn’t measured by tears or by time………. But here’s where it gets tricky. …………Lately have been talking to a bunch of people I met on the net every day……….. I talk to them more than the peeps I call my friends. Sometimes its a quick thread on MSN just to say Hi………Other times we post on one another blogs to show that we made the time to read what was going on in one another lives………..We are supported by these people when were down and often the kind words or funny quotes give us a much needed boost………….. The point is that these “e-buddies” are showing an active interest in your day to day doings and screwing……….But most of them you’ve never met…….. Then there are other issues……….The most beautifully of them all. It happens…. almost every day…. what if you were to find someone on the net you could see yourself fall in love with…….You’ve never seen one another so your feelings aren’t tainted by the persons looks. You are simply attracted to their souls. The distance makes it all sweeter and that person helps you be the person you want to be because your inhibitions are through to the wind……….Now my question is……Do you consider these people your friends and would you consider meeting them………I understand that the idea of meeting a person of the net is creepy but what if it were a group of people in a public place and no one single person out of the group goes alone each must bring a friend…….if I were to meat someone that’s the way I would do it


~ by nosjunkie on November 3, 2006.

13 Responses to “E-Buddies”

  1. Uhmmmmm….

    Felt in Love over the net as most of you know… Lost my heart, lost my soul and lost my mind over this Beautiful creather that walks the planes of earth… Felt in love with her fantastic personality…

    I will meet any day any place, Okay I’ll prefer to meet alone with a romantic evening… but yeah I know it creeps alot of ppl out to meet alone so a group activity could work…

    Have met alot of ppl that’s on msn and have to say I’ve never been disapointed or scared of one of them, except our msn party we had, darn 50 ppl and you only know 5 of them, that was scarry but a wonderful night….

  2. LOL…… I love all the people I chat with on msn, and they know it… why spoil a beautiful relationship like that, by meeting the person, and finding out that they are the exact opposite, of what you have pictured, what I have pictured, is beautiful, perfect friends, who I can talk to everyday…. I dont wanna find out one of them is an asshole or whatever, I know it might seem naive or stupid of me… but thats me..

  3. Hey Grem I remember that night It was killer fun.
    for those of you who dont know, we had a party and everybody invited everybodies friends from MSN. At the end of the day we packed the house so full of people that there a a que at the loo!
    we met people we had chatted to and made new friends.
    thats why I say its better to make it agroup funktion.
    it takes away the danger.

  4. For someone with nothing to say, you say a lot! No I’m not complaining. Just see the humor in everything. Hahahaha…yeah I know. Woteva.

    I would never fall in love with someone on the net. Yes I can make that statement. Why? The picture of finally meeting some girl, that was portrayed by my brain as a stunner, ending up as ‘n fugly old skank with a breast on her forehead and a dog named “LickMe” as a companion…My wrist will be the first I will gnaw on to kill myself.

    As for meeting people…As long as I can take my 9mm CZ75 B model with, I’m a happy chappie. Bring on the freaks..bang bang…I shoot you down…bang bang…
    Hahahahahaha…Seriously, I think it’s great to meet new people. Friends come and go. Some stay unfortunately, like dogs or something. But in general I trade mine in…Viva la MSN MEETS!

  5. You Go Marra!!!!!

  6. *Dancing on the tables…slips and fall his ass of…* Ok lee, you owe me a new back. Hahahahah…ouch!

    Don’t make me laugh…wait…I’m doing that myself. I’ll wave my hands. How’s that? I want to have a 50 member party in my 2 bedroom flat. I already irritate the hell out of my neighbours with my singing opera in the shower every morning. Nothing like singing Madam Butterfly while your scrubbing yourself. *wink wink*

  7. whahahahaha…parratjie your so funny.
    Well I met my Bf online and I have never been sorry not one day, he is my knight in shining armour on his black horse.
    I have met many other ppl in real life after talking on the net,YES the freaks made me run, but the sweet souls made me stay.
    The thing is I don’t really care for looks if I can see the beauty of a soul all is good.

  8. Wow…etain, you met your better-half on-line? Jeepers etain, I did not know that. You rock!! And now I’m very impressed with you and your guy.

    Can’t wait to meet you both.

  9. whahahahha…parratjie, like I said you will be eating my weed wedding cake and dancing with the bride on the table…

  10. Hmmm…for space cake I’ll do a lot more then dance on a table…

  11. Hey I like this.
    its all verry positive.
    And since this is the festive season I suggest we organise a get together.
    make a few new friends and have some fun in the process

  12. Yippeee lets go party…..

  13. That our Gremmie
    Always looking for a good time

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