Double up

Greetings and salutations, on this fine Friday morning.
Yesterday truly was fun!
There’s nothing like a good old pointless fight to get the blood boiling…. um I mean Pumping.
So in the spirit of stirring shit, I fully intend to pick another fight today, However this time I’m keeping it general so all of us can participate in the mud slinging match.
I deliberated on the topic of discussion for hours, I leaned towards Evolution, but Naps and I have had that fight and neither of us have had our opinion swayed.
Then I thought of woman’s Liberation but I figure that Aussie religious icon has kicked up enough dust.
And then It came upon me like a randy elephant.
One of the most controversial subjects of our modern world, its made headlines on neumourise occasions, and disturbed humanities moral thinking.
Now we ask ourselves weather its our right to create these copies from the one thing that truly makes us individuals… DNA…
The churches have risen to outrage, claiming that the practice is sin full and outrageous in the eyes of the all mighty.
And on the other side of the spectrum are couples who cant have children due to infertility or hereditary desease welcoming the idea of being able to carry and bare a child of their own.
Then theres the logistic problems.
What DNA is released for cloning?
The social aspect as discussed in the novel “Wicker”, will a clones personality resemble that of the DNA donors?
Or do you not have an opinion?
Personally I am divided
We can create a human but we can’t create a soul and that is ultimately what makes us human.


~ by nosjunkie on October 27, 2006.

13 Responses to “Double up”

  1. mmmmm a clone of me, not a good Idee… I think one of me are okay one more will just be too much…

    but Yeah Lee I do agree, Great you have made the body and now, where’s his soul??? It’s like building a car, here you go sir our BMW is ready, and the when you try to leave there’s no engine…. Well yeah I know thats a common problemm on a BMW, Gues they are cloned cars…

    You can’t clone a soul…. you can do what ever you wish and what ever you want, but there is no way that they’ll be able to clone someone thats worth while…

  2. Who did you fight with? Maryke ????Where you naked? Was there mud????

  3. Yes and lost off it
    so randy that one!!!

  4. whahahahaha

  5. Hahahahaha @ Grem!!! I gather youre not a Bmw fan!….Id like to be cloned, just so i could send the damn thing to work from Monday to Friday…. thats all, other than that, I’m totally against it.

  6. As I say at the end of the day that clone will look and sound just like you but I am certain that that is where the similarity ends. the thing will be a individual with its own thoughts feelings and free wil
    a diffrent person in identical pacaging

  7. I’d love a clone …

    me + clone = SUPREME HAVOC

  8. HAHA Sammy if you get a clone…

    Leave the clone at your Bfriend and come and join me…. HEHE

  9. If some tell\s me to go fuck myself can I fuck my clown?


    u have the right to do so !!!

  11. Um clone no clown! HAHA

  12. I think clown is an adiquit discription

  13. Lee I think you must put your work aside so that you can update your blog…..

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