That which was broken

I have 3022 e-mails in my deleted items box, this is because my good friend Murphy always used to say “The moment you get rid of something will be the moment you need it for the first time”.

I have had many a fight with this man Murphy and have as yet not won a single one. I believe that it in the spirit of learning from my own mistakes that I never permanently delete my e-mails.

Of late I have discovered that my antiquated e-mails make for good reading.

as I clicked through these cyber footprints of my life I was allowed to experience a world that has long since abandon me.

I read long e-mails from DW and AL planing our weekends and then remember movie marathon weekends during which we bankrupted Debonair and spend whole days watching “Star wars” “Matrix” “Lord of the Rings” “harry Potter” or whatever was our poison of choice that day.

I remember Myself Grem DW AL and Vee all falling asleep on DW bed one night.

Then there were the Tuesday and Friday e-mails. These mails contained exclamations of anticipation for the races ahead.

These e-mails bring back memories of Wesbank on scorching summer days.

They remind me of drinks after work in the back yard.

they remind me of Parties during which Naps would start stripping for no discernible reason.

The remind me of drinking beer under water on Christmas day… Why? why not?

But most of all they remind me of friends I no longer have and a time that was too short lived.

The reason for our estrangement is a storey too long for this post but I have apologised for my part in the game, and I believe that after 7 months its time for reconciliation.

The funny thing about the delete button on your explorer thingie is that you don’t truly erase the mails, you just put them away for safe keeping.

Friends are like that too, I believe, Never gone just in another place.

So to all my good old friends, This is me holding out a hand.

Some of the broken stuff can still be fixed.
Just remember the good old days and youl see that its too high a price to pay

~ by nosjunkie on October 25, 2006.

42 Responses to “That which was broken”

  1. Man those times where awesome …

    new years = awesome

    every single night we had a party was awesome …

    I wish that we can all be together again and have a lot more of those times

  2. Ohhh the good times of my life….
    Every body just chilling on my Baby, We will never do that again…. LOL

    Ohhh yeah wish every one can just make peace let those days can come back….

  3. Ohhhh yeah DW every singel night we had a party, darn that was every night in the week and weekends…. we nevr missed a day with out a party…

  4. HAHA DW I was missing you in the pic and noticed you feet…. You ass…

  5. Wow, drinking beer underwater, sounds like fun! lol.

  6. Woorde wat val op dowe ore.

    Fok Grem…ek het amper jou dak in mekaar gesit!

  7. HAHA Naps, wys jou net die ding is sterker as wat n mens verwag… LOL


  9. Ek het George se ass bewonnner

  10. It seems like good times, but the past is called the past for a reason. If thing where done that can be forgiven, the times will never be the same, you cannot just wipe away hurt or pain if there was any. Consiquence can be a bitch, but you made the bed and now you must lie in it!!!

  11. I completely disagree. the thing that seperates us from animals is the fact that we can make choices. forgiveness is a choice just as harbouring a grudge is.
    people just like the drame and for that reason opt for the latter.
    Perhaps thats why the world is so war ridden, becaus people think like you! its down right depressing and completely negative. what happened to theres always hope.

  12. And as for Naps
    Wat presies is fout met jou ore?

  13. Ek stem ook nie saam met Etain nie, Ek dink ook mense moet liewer eerder daaraan werk, kyk, dit gaan nooit weer presies dieselfde wees nie, maar tenminste sal jy weet julle het probeer ne…. Vriende is klein wonderwerkies…. Jy kannie laat hulle so wegraak nie!

  14. I didnt say we are animals neither did I say do not forgive,but it takes two too forgive. You can’t force someone to forgive and forget.. I also have never started a war(people like me think off more than one side off a story), my heart is as soft as can be.
    Almal maak foute…ek ook…maar soms dink ek nie en dan is ek spyt, maar spyt kom soms te laat.
    Dis juis ons individual denke wat die lewe so wonderlik maak.
    Ek hoop dat dinge uitsorteer kan word. Mens kan sien dit was goeie tye.


    How can you say forgive forgive forgive…you not the one hurt.

    Fucking another guy in the ass…like you two did…HAHAHAH! No thanx…with friends like those you dont need enemies.

    Anuways not my place to say. You guys are happy together dont worry about other peoples lifes.

    I am sorry but I support Vee cause I was the one that saw his pain…well he gets more tail than Ettienne lately…so I dont think he really cares no more.

    Also his probally gonna vloek me when he sees I post all this…

    Cheers guys.

  16. I know nothing about vee, pain or any kind of bunghole drama…but damn you guys….Damn!!!!!

  17. Screw this shit
    I am sorry but I will not beat my ass up for getting out a relashionship that I wasn’t happy with.
    Was I supposed to stay and be miserable sothat I could spare poor Vee’s feelings?
    Never in your life my friend!

    And then onto the DW thing.
    Sorry babe but I am happy!
    and for that I will not apologise ever!
    And despite the wispered bull shit we only got together after VEE and I broke up.
    And dont give me that crap that Vee and DW were friends because I lived with Vee and believe me they weren’t.
    So whats the Shit here?
    is it because I left Vee
    or is it because DW makes me happier than he did?
    Screw this I’v changed my mind.
    I am quite convinced that I will be beter of without such petty Bull shit in my life and people who perpetuate shuch petty Bull Shit.
    @ Naps I really though you had at least gotten over this but I was wrong.
    I am happy and I love DW its the most fun I’v had in a relationship ever, and I am as sorry as hel I ever took a second glance at Vee.

  18. Leeane I was never your friend. I only knew you through Vee, DW and Alicia. We hung out like a couple times in 2 months, had alot of fun yes. I had to walk in on things that was a bit explicit and stuff

    I am sorry that we could not become friends. The way you and DW did it was wrong…you fuct around!

    Me and DW were very good friends and YES we did talk about the fact that you and him sms each other all the time visit you at work and what not, while you and Vee were dating.
    I understand when you say you were not happy…but you did it the wrong way. Yes I am glad that you and Vee broke up….cause he went to bed 21:00 evenings and we sat there and did fuckol.He stopped drinking and smoking. All that prissy prissy bullshit.The reason Vee did not hang out with DW anymore is because of the fact that you guys spent a lot of time together. Vee and DW were friends….I partied flat out every fucken week with both of them!

    I am not your enemy neither your friend I just know you guys. No hard feelings.

    If it is Vee’s wishes not to be friends with you…I respect his decision…If I was in his place I would also be like that.

    STop living in fucking denial!!!

    You fuct Wiehan around! DW fuct wiehan around….off course there wouldbe issues.

    Well again I say…glad you are happy now…just leave the shit of the past alone now.

    People will forgive in their one time.

    P.S I am not fighting…I am just clarifying.

    I am here all week feel free to ask any questions.

  19. @ Sam….ek het al baie vriende gehad…vriende steek jou in die rug.

    maar die vriende wat ek gehd het en kak meer gehad was lekker…

    eendag sal ons almal weer seker saam sit en se…My fok dit was bad. DIe beste hoe om oor sulke dinge te kom is om ne dit vergeet en wie weet oor 10 jaar sien julle mekaar weer…

    O ja o ja wag Lee ek wou nog iets se…

    Onthou jy weetie hoe seer vee ggekry het nie ne…jy weet nie wat hy moes gevoel het nie… so moet hom nie judge nie.Ek vertsan dis nie jou probleem gewees nie…maar rerig n mens het darem bietjie integriteit

  20. Ek hou nie van konflik nie…kom ons se net WHAT up nou en dan…en los dit daar.

  21. To be honest the way I feel now I wish I did fuck Vee around -as you so quantly put- at least this way I would deserv the speculations.
    But I didnt
    Yes DW and I got along wel, we had something in commen. And he talked to me unlike Vee
    He was also Fun unlike Vee.
    And if thats a crime lock me up and though away the key!
    I have good relationships with other male friends at this moment and you dont see DW chuking his toys out the cot.
    The dynamics of my Vee’s hopeless relationship is not the issue.
    And it doesnt matter that its been 7months and every ones still sulking.
    What matters is the fact that I am being crusefied for looking for hapyness.

  22. Wats die punt ons se what up now and then as jy al die pad dink ek verwoes lewens as ‘n hobby!

  23. Okay Hold On Here…..

    Naps I’m not gonna figth, darn I never fight but there are some points you dont have there, and some you got wrong…

    Yes Vee whent to bed early but now why you blaming Lee??? She was the one who normally stayed in the confersation, while Vee whent to bed… Okay yes DW and Lee sms’d alot but for planning and not other shit, seen most of the sms’s…. The work storrie, DW wheren’t there for lee but for that skinny one….
    Yes Vee got hurt but he also has part for them not to be togther any more, I know Lee came a few time’s to me and talked, and I made the mistake to tell her to hold on, maybe it would have been beter for them to have stoped it sooner…

    AND there were nothing between Lee and DW after they made out… The bigest reasson there are something now between them is because of the fact that every body blamed them for that…

    I’m sorry I’m in the middel of all this shit but I do wish that you all can just see what the fuck happend… Every body is using there own facts about what they see and not what really happened so I have to say sorry naps but your wrong…

    Naps I do appreciate your loyalty to Vee, Darn your a real friend…
    And I do love my brother, and yes I’m sorry that things didn’t work out between them…

    But I am friends with you all and are in the middel… Not that I like it… I saw both sides and I do know what happened.

    Sorry if I affended anyone here but darn I just wish I could have let you all that pick sides, see what I have seen…

    Still love you all as my friends…


  25. Thanks Grem
    Your a buddy and I am glad you didnt pick sides so we still get to hang out.
    Naps just leave it all I know how you guys feel so lets not bother.
    we dont see eye to eye and I really dont apreciat being acused by a guy who really only wants to see one side of the thing and then has the nerve to insult my integraty.
    so dont even bother mate.

  26. Hey Vee is n great Lover….stop badmouthing him! He only had nice to things to say about you after that….just shows ne!

    Anyways…I know everthing dont try and convince me other wise.

    Its in the past…..finnito!

    The only thing I am saying now,,,,is you cannot expect things to be nice and dandy! All friends….Hellllooooo! Catch e wake up

  27. Ag fok,,,, ek was anonymous

  28. Well ….you said you wanna hang out now not me! Thank yiu for seeig me as a party favour…I also have feelings and a soul.

    I am not a party trick. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  29. Ek en De wet het by News Cafe gesit en oor die dinge praat by the way!

    Fok man julle is mos nou saam….hoekom deny julle dit.

    Anyways…you saw me at Wesbank why didnt you say hello then.

  30. When jy pryse vir die meeste post!?

  31. Whateva happens …

    I love you all … who ever wants to hate me can hate me , who ever want to party with me, can party with me …


  33. errrrrrr …..

    ok ……. hmmmmm ….. EK HOU VAN PLAT BEK PADAKIES

  34. LOL. ok ek trek my comment terug. ek weet niks wat hier aangaan nie.. ek het geen place om te se wat reg en verkeerd is nie. jammer.

  35. Why do you want to start a new blog? This is better then Egoli and 7 de Laan? Lee thank you…this is what a REAL blog should look like.

    I’m in heaven…I don’t know any of you but you guys rock!!!! All of you. I’m canceling my tv license and buying ADSL just for this blog.

    GO GO…uhm…”That witch was broken”

  36. HAHA Marra, I like you…. LOL

  37. Thanks Mara you lightened stuff up
    you rule
    has naps left?

  38. Sorry peeps…a wonderful woman pointed out that I lied.

    I know etain, grem and sam. And I don’t own a tv. But getting ADSL ASAP.

    And your all on my christmas list!!
    Thanks Grem. Keep it pointing!


  39. Plesier Lee…

    Ek staan vir die waarheid, as dinge was soos hul glo dit was is ek seker dinge sou baie anders gewees…

  40. I don’t give a fuc who thinks what ..

    @ Naps …shot bro … for the HOOT

    I’ll drink a stroh to that

  41. To close this thing off
    @ George on his stop bad mouthing Vee post.
    read the convo dude!
    nobody said anything against Vee.
    this isnt even about him!

  42. Hey man my fok,,,,

    Jy gee my n bliksemse kopseer…

    ek het een moerse hangover,,…..McDonalds toe met bakkie en booze.;..awesome fun…rou hambuger! Oh ek gaan gou puke,.

    Ek gaan nie meer hier tik nie…dis worthless.Ons stry oor kinderkak wat nie regtig saak maak nie.

    En al die ander bliksems wat iets te se het en nie n clue het wat aangaan nie kom fokken by man!

    Okay nou is ek klaar for real…

    Once you had the fat you never go back…

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