On the 14th day of the month of October in the year 2006. Lee celebrated the 21 aneversary of her birth, and on this day the Majy bestowed gifts of pleasure upon her.

Yes Peeps I turned 21 on saturday. And though all of this sounds very formal, I celebrated my birthday around a Braai fire. And the Majy came in the form of my friends and the gifts of pleasure well….

The Grem gave me a Vibrator that I am sure was a police batton in a former life.

Juan Andre Mandy and Gareth Gave me a bottle of Shnapps a cat whip and a dummy in the form of a male sex organ.

DW got me the full first season of Lost on DVD and a book that I already have (though that counts)

My mom and My sister gave me a digital camera that DW has still been playing with, I am convinced that by this time he can make coffy with it. This is a great gift as I can now post more pics on the Blog

It was all great fun and I was very sad when everybody retired at 03:30 on sunday morning.

A great big thank you goes out to everybody who was there. An even bigger thanks goes to DW and my mom for the party that they kept a secret from me.

I Love you guys lots


~ by nosjunkie on October 16, 2006.

7 Responses to “TWENTY ONES”

  1. Hay Lee.

    great to see you decided to update your blog,have been waiting and waiting for it soooo long… hehe…

    I will rather not go into the detail of buying your gift becaus darn…. but have to say it took me 5shops to get the one that fits you the best… hehe…

    yeah the night was wonderful but have to say I look bad in that pic, but then again when don’t I, I’m just glad you decided on that pic and not the me and jaun’s famuos trying to show how to do the Crystalpark poffader pick, al thou we were still a lot of centemeters short…

    Was a great night and hope you enjoyed it, Loves ya sis and enjoy beeing 21, only happens once.

  2. uhmmm Lee jy change die blog???

  3. happy 21st hun!!!

  4. I tried belive me but I am a virgin blogger and I havent figured out how to rotate the pics yet.
    when I do I’ll put it up for all to see
    Didnt Sam say something about some gay streek.
    I’l get the group pic form my sis too

  5. sorry for changing the thing so much but this is like a new toy

  6. haha Lee enjoy….
    Just my first comment is not making any sence anymore… But what the hell… I dont really care, it will keep the ppl guesing….

    uhmm gay streek, now what do you imply with that?

  7. You haven’t posted anything new for a while, so I’m perusing your older stuff.

    A belated (way belated) Happy Birthday to you! You look like you’re having lots of fun in these photos! đŸ™‚

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